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Cornea and Dry Eye Evaluation

Dry eye or dysfunctional tear syndrome is one of the most common problems treated by eye physicians. The term "dry eye" is not completely accurate as the syndrome is usually caused by a problem with the quality of the tear film that lubricates the eyes. Sometimes the poor quality tears do not stay on the surface of the eye and can run down the face.

The proper treatment of dry eye depends on its cause. Artificial tear replacements can be helpful as well as changing environmental factors, and maintaining good eyelid hygiene. In some cases prescription medications such as Restasis or Doxycycline can help.

Closing the opening of the tear drain in the eyelid with inserts called punctal plugs is another option. This works like closing a sink drain with a stopper. These special plugs trap the tears on the eye, preventing them from draining into the nose. This may be done on a temporary basis with a dissolvable collagen plug, or permanently with a silicone plug or surgically.

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